Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Steps

Big news, people: Elijah is a WALKER!!!

Today we were having our ATS staff meeting and I stood him up on the floor as we were talking. James reached for him and Elijah took 3 or 4 steps by himself to get to James. We were astounded! Elijah's been holding out on us, apparently, because by the end of the evening-only an hour and a half later-he was walking across the whole living room back and forth between us, and even walking to Jewel a couple times. It's incredible and we're so excited!

I need to pull out the baby book: First walked: July 11, 2011!

Some video for your viewing pleasure: A couple snippets of the ten or so minutes we played this walking game. Mommy and Daddy are just as excited as EZ is here!


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