Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Breastfeeding, Adieu!

Well, it's done. The last time I nursed Elijah was Sunday night and now it's Tuesday night. We've been weaning him gradually over the last two weeks, and I'm thankful that we've done it this way. He's doing great drinking milk from his sippy cup and wasn't really phased at all at the switch. He still will reach for me and do his sign to ask for milk, but I just offer him his cup and he drinks it.

So...goodbye, for now, breastfeeding. It's been a good road. I'm SO thankful not to have had any of the serious problems I've heard about from other people. It has been so sweet to be the one providing my son's main nourishment for so long, and I'm so thankful to have gotten to do it. I love caring for him and this has been such a tangible way to do it. HOURS of my life have been spent with the little man at the breast, and there are few things as beautiful as his face while he nurses. Of course, it also felt limiting and constricting at times, and it's bitter-sweet to be at this point, and yes, this definitely also feels freeing to me, but a little bit sad, too. This is such an obvious marker that Elijah is growing up!!!

I have loved nursing him. Thanks for the memories, little man!

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