Monday, July 18, 2011

Dining Table: Before and After!

**I started this post two weeks ago and then we went on vacation. Oops! I'll still post it so you can see, and then I have lots of other posts coming from the last two weeks! :)

The Dining Table!

This may have been the hugest project we've ever done! We did it in eight days, basically. Though I had to do some touch-ups after this beast got moved inside! Our dining room table, ladies and gentlemen.

This table used to be in Carino's. It had lots of gum underneath it, and people had scribbled their phone numbers all over the drawers, etc. It had black tar stuff on the legs, and what looked like boot prints on the top! It looked solid, but not very pretty.

We tried a chemical stripper to take off the old finish. It may have helped, but we still put in somewhere around 20 hours of sanding! A couple friends came and helped at different points, both who had woodworking experience, so that was a huge blessing! You can see in the first picture the difference of the wood that's ready and the wood that's still covered! The top took the longest, but was the easiest because it was just flat. Then we had to do the legs and sides and everything. I kept wanting to cut corners but James reminded me that we have to put in the work to get the results!
When it was time to put the first layer of stain, I was SOOOO nervous! We'd worked so hard to get the table down to bare wood, and it looked so smooth and new, and now I was going to change it drastically. I just didn't want to ruin it after so much work! Thankfully, it looked great!
With the first coat of stain:
Three coats of stain, three coats of polyurethane finish. Everywhere. The drawers are actually not 100% complete. They're painted but we took off the old drawer pulls and want to replace them with something fun. I also plan to line the insides of the drawers, potentially with sheet music. I've always wanted to try that and think it'd look awesome!

The plan now is to collect random mismatched dining chairs and paint and recover them all the same, and use those around the table. I hope it works. This table is so huge it dwarfs everything around it-we're sitting on normal chairs to eat at the table and the chairs feel a little short. Hopefully we can still make it work! We went to so much work on this, we want it to all come together perfectly!!! :)


  1. Cat! Are those safety goggles you are wearing while sanding?! haha,

    James, loving the Indian style position...looks good on you

    Wow! This table looks grreattt! Can't wait to see it!

  2. I think I would have kept all the phone numbers. Maybe not the gum.

  3. You HAVE to come to Round Top with us in October. You could probably pick up all the chairs you need then!!