Monday, July 11, 2011

Dining Table Project

We bought a HUGE dining table on Craigslist on Friday. It's big and simple-both adjectives we wanted!
We bought it knowing it needed some serious work before it was ready for our home. We put it straight in the backyard and went to Lowe's. I did read an article online about refinishing wood furniture, so that helped us know what to buy.
I had NO idea how long it takes to sand a piece of furniture to be ready to stain. I guess for painting you don't have to remove the old stuff, just scuff it up enough to hold the new paint. Since we're staining it, though, we have to get it down to the clean wood underneath. This photo was after probably five hours of work (more by James than me. Elijah woke up way too early from that nap!).

When using a sander, you must apply significant pressure, move with the wood grain, and try not to get sawdust in your eyes. As if that weren't enough to think about, our sander keeps breaking. I thought maybe it's cuz we used it for so many hours in a row, but online it says it should be 300 hours of use before it needs work. What is it with us and the buying faulty equipment? (yes, we're on our third vacuum in five years of marriage. And that's because we're stubborn and don't vacuum often. We could have hit three in two years.)News flash-an eight foot table takes a long time to sand, just on top. Then there are the legs and the sides and all the other surfaces. I don't want to calculate the surface area of this baby!

We're hoping we can finish the sanding tonight and be ready to start the staining tomorrow. But things keep taking longer than we want them to, so that may not happen. I'm realizing something about myself: I like to see results. The slow little things that get you there, not so much...I want this thing to be finished, but it's not going to look good unless we do it right! :)

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  1. Yay for projects! I love projects!! You will become best friends with Lowe's. Although Home Depot is more helpful I think. Told you craigslist is awesome!! Let us know if you need to borrow any tools!