Sunday, July 17, 2011


We've always known Elijah was a genius. :) But lately, it's been especially adorable-he LOVES reading books! He's always loved for us to read to him, and he's been glad to look through books on his own for a while, but lately there's just so much more of that! He will sit and turn the pages of book after book...*sigh* a boy after his mama's own heart! The other day he was actually babbling to himself while he read, and I wished I could record it, but of course he stopped as soon as I even thought about moving towards the video camera! Instead, we'll have to settle for these photos:

EZ's Tia Jen and I are going to recover this chair this fall, so don't worry, it won't be pink for too much longer. But either way, isn't he CUTE?!?!
We drove to a friend's birthday party out of town yesterday. Here was our view in the rearview mirror for a while:
And another sign of his high intelligence: Not only can he do a rubix cube...
...but he enjoys it!

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