Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Great Quiet Book Project

Well, dear friends of blogland, I've jumped in to my quiet book project. So far I have seven pages very close to completion. Since I'm planning to do one page for every letter of the alphabet, I'm about a quarter of the way there. Here are photos of what I've done so far:
Each balloon snaps into place. Initially, I sewed all the snaps on backwards. Yes. From here on out, I'm using velcro! :) This is a color/shape matching activity because each balloon matches a shape that's already sewn into place.
I need a fun button for the middle to attach the hands. Soon...
Elijah likes to pull these off and chew on them.
Extra ice cream flavors live inside the refrigerator. Yes, I know that in the real world, ice cream would melt in the fridge. Work with me here!
He has other options for hat, shoes, eyes, and even a mustache. I may make some other pieces, we'll see. And I need to decide where the extra pieces get stored.
I'm going to add little labels "stop, slow, go."
This is a fun page, I think!

Obviously, all of these are missing the main letter they go with. I haven't decided how exactly I want to do that part. TBD...

I'll post more pictures as I work on this more. It's super fun!

Idea sources, among others, have come largely from:
Oopsey Daisy (several templates and a ton of excellent ideas and pictures)
Million Little Things (the idea of a page for every letter)
Serving Pink Lemonade (the original idea seed planted in my head)


  1. WOW! That is sooooo fun! Way to go Cat, I love it (and Elijah will too)

  2. I'm seriously impressed! You could sell those!

  3. I is for impressed!!!