Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bench Building!!!

I'm excited about this project! I just made a bench to go along with our table!!! Super fun, and not terribly hard!

I found a coffee table on craigslist for $20. It's a different style than what I was thinking, but I like it!
Getting ready to paint! I like that it has the pieces in the middle-makes it feel like it's stronger, since people will be sitting on it!
Oops. I didn't take a picture of it after I painted it before doing the next step. Here's the next photo I took:

This is after I added some extra planks of wood to make it just a smidge taller, and then foam.

For the foam, this is ESSENTIAL:
Newsflash: Foam is expensive!!! I sat on all the different thicknesses (from 1/2 in to 5 in) in the store, and decided that for what I was looking for, the 3 in was what I wanted-comfortable enough that you don't feel the hard surface underneath. The bad news-the 3in foam is 42.99/yard!!!!! I thought doing this stuff ourselves would be cheaper, but I realized it's not always as easy as it looks! So, I waited for a sale they had this past weekend where the foam was 50% off, or you could use their coupons. I get a 40% off coupon in my email almost every week. You just have to be patient to space these things out. :)

Cutting the foam was a challenge! I got a 24x40in piece and needed it to be 20x48. Yes, I had to do that math in my head at the store. And almost got too short a piece but figured it out right at the last minute! To cut it, I used an electric knife borrowed from a friend. Good thing she had one-I wanted to get the project done that day!! :)

I also bought batting (way cheaper-something like $7.99/yard) to go over the foam. It smooths all the edges and makes it feel more finished. A more experienced friend gave me the downlow on what I needed! Here's the bench with the batting covering it. All that's needed now is the fabric!

My staple gun was one of my best birthday presents ever. After my engagement ring, of course! :)
So there it is! It did end up costing more than I'd hoped, but it's so satisfying that I put it all together and it looks exactly like I wanted! :)

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  1. I am in love with this project! You did an amazing job!!