Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We had a super fun visit recently! My best friend since childhood, Andrea, brought her daughter, Cora and spent several days with us! It was so fun to spend extended time with her now that we're both moms. She is a dear friend to me and I LOVED having her here!

She's not trying to eat me there. How can I not have another picture of us together from this trip?!?!

One afternoon we took the kids to the splash park. It was fascinating to watch how the two little ones responded to the new situation!

They played together relatively well, I think, for it being the first time either of them had had to consistently share all their toys and stuff. We both had to do lots of interventions "Don't hit! Gentle!" and Andrea had the great idea to stop them before they hit each other and tell them to give high fives instead. It helped! :)
They are very close in age, but very different in personalities! Cora is way more physical-she can easily run and climb, etc. EZ's not so proficient with the gross motor skills, but has a longer attention span, at least with books! It was fun to watch them both playing!
They liked to hold hands when we went for walks!!! :)
I'm so glad Andrea and Cora came to visit!!!

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  1. oh wow. andrea looks like ms. wright in the photo in the rocker.