Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Great Big World

I LOVE seeing how much Elijah's taking in recently.

I think he is just SO cute when he explores outside. He's recently mastered the "walk over to something, squat down to pick it up, stand back up and keep walking" move, and today he kept chasing these little leaves around the playground at our neighborhood park. He'd spot one, walk over to it, carefully arrange his little legs just so, squat down to pick up the leaf, stand back up, bring the leaf to me to hold, and go on to the next one. This worked for the first few, but then the wind picked up. He'd bend over to grab one, and then it would blow away. He was mystified and enthralled! He'd watch where it landed, toddle over to it, try to get it again, and it'd blow away again. He was so tickled! Then he started recreating it on his own-when he picked one up, he'd just throw it and watch it flutter away.

We got a new animal sounds book from the library. It's a short little board book, with five pages with one animal each. One of them is an alligator, and the word is says is "snap." I was reading it to him this morning and clapped my hands closed when I read "snap!" I poke him in the belly with the "buzz" of the bee, too. Over the next hour, he carried the book around to have me read to him over and over. When I got to the alligator page, he clapped his hands once just like I had! Funny, though, it takes him longer, so I get to the page, ask him what the alligator says, and he opens his hands real wide for like 5 seconds before he claps them. Haha! And with the bee page, I ask him what it says, and he pokes himself in the chest. Too cute!! :) He's also clapping for the frog page...I guess we still have some work to do! :)

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