Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirror Project

Ack! It's been a long time since I posted on the blog! Not that I don't have anything to say, but have been too busy to say it!

Here's a project I did a couple weeks ago:

We wanted something on the wall over our bed. We had a framed puzzle up there but it kept falling (cheap frame wouldn't stay together) and we were afraid it'd fall on us one night while we slept! :) So James learned of a place I can't believe we didn't know about before-the Restore, Habitat for Humanity's resale shop! We originally thought we'd make some kind of headboard out of doors, but found this mirror/window combo and went with this instead.

This is the mirror we bought (half off!):

I bought a $1 paint sample at Lowe's that was out on the paint clearance counter. I actually didn't love the color, but for one dollar, I thought I'd try it out! It covered the bright blue very well, actually, but I still did two coats!

Let me just say, getting the mirror out of the frame wasn't too hard, it just took some elbow grease and a screwdriver to pry the old staples out, but then getting the mirror attached back to the frame ended up being slightly more complicated than expected. I have a staple gun, but am still basically a novice. Turns out there are different lengths of staples (!!!) and the ones I'd used for recovering chairs weren't long enough to hold the backboard of the mirror onto the frame. I bought longer ones at Lowe's, and got enough of the staples into the frame to hold it on there! I also got eaten by ants in the short time it took me to attach the back to the frame, and suffered for it for several days!! :)
Here's the mirror on the wall above our bed. Still not 100% sure it was the color I'd envisioned, but it looks great against the walls and above our bedding.
But wait, there's more! We had also purchased (at the Restore!) a window frame. It was already a green distressed color, which fits great in our room, so we left it exactly how it was and hung it with the mirror:
Perfect fit!
This project was a pretty cheap one, and would be way better if you already had the mirror. The window frame was $3, the paint was $1, and the stapes were $2 (though in the interest of full disclosure, I did buy two different kinds of staples because I was tired of projects getting put on hold because I needed to make ANOTHER run to the hardware store). We did pay $22 for the mirror, which was by far the most expensive part of the project, but for a huge mirror like that we thought it was pretty good. And it was half off from $45! :)

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  1. LOVE it! Isn't restore fabulous? I bought cabinet doors recently and made them into trays for my counter tops to hold my canisters in :, it is a wonderful little place I forget to use - but that might be a good thing since it sparks my mind with new ideas :)