Sunday, August 7, 2011

North Carolina

Next in our travels, James and I left Elijah in Tennessee with my parents and headed to North Carolina for a little vacation and our organization's church planting conference. It was the first time we've left Elijah overnight, so that was a little hard as we drove away, but it was a refreshing and peaceful exciting days, plus we made an exciting discovery, but more on that later. :) Here are some photos from North Carolina. They have mountains there.

In case you weren't sure where the mountains are:
The place we stayed had some neat trails, though it was getting dark when we walked out there so this picture doesn't do them justice.
Here we are, contemplating the mysteries of the universe.
We toured the Biltmore-a HUGE house that belonged to the Vanderbilt family. It's set up like a museum, you can walk through different rooms and see what they looked like. It was neat!
Out front. These are the guard dogs. :)
The baby's swingset went out here. Seriously, there was a sign that said so. Not here exactly WHERE, since there's so much space! :)

They had lots of gardens. We took lots of pictures outside because we weren't allowed to take any inside!
And, of course, the church planting conference was awesome! It was awesome to be with a bunch of other people who are doing the same thing. We were encouraged and challenged and we met with God! :) I love being a part of this Antioch tribe! Here's our team-the most excellent team ever!
L-R: (back) Michael, Ray, Tyler, James, Laurie
(front) Katy, Lauri, Ashlee, Cat, Charity

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