Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Photos

Elijah learned "where" from my dad last month. It's so cute. Every time you ask him where something is, he does his hands like he's asking "Where is it?" while he looks! I can see his comprehension blossoming, as I give him oral directions and see him respond! So fun!

Elijah's been horribly mean to the dog lately. He hits her, and then when we tell him gentle, he hugs her. Sneaky, sneaky.
He's been so tickled by putting things on his head. Books, toys, washcloth, anything! This photo isn't great (he runs across the room while he plays this game), but it gets the point across!
Linked to the above game, he's also really tickled to put things on Jewel. He just cracks up!!! :) Jewel just looks at him curiously and then either ignores him or gets up and walks away. Such a patient, sweet puppy!

Here we are! I love this little treasure so much!!!

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