Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Greatgrandmother's House We Went

We spent a couple days of our July vacation in Maryland, visiting my Lito and Lita and other extended family that lives there. It was such a short, whirlwind visit, but some is better than nothing and we were so glad to finally introduce Elijah to the rest of the family!

Here is Lito, being a clown to make Elijah smile while we tried to take a picture of four generations.

It worked!We went swimming. It was a real heat wave while we were there, and the water was actually some of the warmest pool water I've ever experienced! Elijah loved it! Lita got him this cool floating chair so he would be safe in the pool, and I just pulled him around while he splashed me. Perfect!
Elijah tried his hand at making music on a real piano. He did this in Tennessee, too. He liked experimenting with the notes on either end of the piano. We'll make a musician out of him yet!
Here he was being introduced by Tia Loly to the kitty. Kids love it and adults hate it. It meows incessantly. Thankfully, the dog under the table doesn't make a sound!
Elijah had his first taste of authentic Paraguayan chipa! He loved it!!!
Believe it or not, he loved having us throw the beach ball so it would bounce off his head. Seriously.
One evening, he walked back and forth across the living room from person to person, having them put this puppy dog toy back on his head. He'd then take off across the living room laughing hysterically til it fell off, then he'd take it to someone else and start all over. We have video footage of this that I have got to show. It's seriously hysterical!!
EZ met a lot of animals on this trip. Hippo...
Josh & Kristi...oh, wait, they're not animals! Despite Kristi's reenactment of a head-butting dinosaur.
Sisters. :)
Sitting around, EZ was the star of the show. Here he got to meet cousin Alex.
He played with the quiet book.
Family picture! Super cute!

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