Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing in the Crib


I posted about this a couple weeks ago, but now I have it on film. Elijah playing in his crib after naptime. Super cute! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent Fun Photos

These first two photos are in the middle of the impetigo rash situation a few weeks ago. We had EZ in long pants and long sleeves and just cranked the air down for a while because we didn't want him scratching all his scabs and sores and spreading it all around. You can see his face in the first picture. That's not a messy food face, that's the rash. Thankfully, it's sooooo much better now! But picture that all over his legs and arms and feet...that's how bad it was! Poor little guy! I'm so thankful he's healed now!

We blew bubbles again today, actually, but this photo is from a couple weeks ago. Jewel loves to try to eat the bubbles, and Elijah thinks it's hysterical. He laughs and laughs and laughs!!!
James was in two weddings last month. Here we are at both of them:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roo Pics

So we're calling Baby #2 Roo, to go along with our Winnie the Pooh theme. When Elijah was in the womb, we called him "Piglet" because we found out we were pregnant on the same day we learned I had swine flu. So we're going with the theme and this little one is Roo. Here are some pictures. Some days I feel like I just look fat, but each day you can tell a little more that there's a baby in there! It really just depends on what I'm wearing, but still!

I think this is at about 5 weeks. That's not baby you can see...that's our starting point! :)

I think 9 weeks?

13 weeks

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lovin' the Crib

So a couple times lately, when Elijah wakes up, I go in to get him up and he doesn't want to get our of his crib. It's hilarious.
He stands in the corner and points at things and signs, "please." I give him the toys or books that he's asking for and he sits there and plays with them. He likes to try to walk around, though it's harder than walking on the floor because the mattress is so squishy, but he just thinks it's the funniest thing!

I think he's even developing his imagination. He'll lay down on his stomach like he's going to sleep, though I can tell he's not in the least bit sleepy. I'll say, "Night-night, Elijah," he'll lay there for a few seconds, then pop his head up and grin and I say, "Oh, good morning!" He's adorable.

And no, he doesn't sleep with all these guys in his crib. Just little piggy and occasionally Clifford. The privileged few. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Father Heart of God

I feel like God has really revealed a lot of His heart for me through an experience we had recently. I've been mulling it over, and I want to share it, though I don't know that it's as profound for everyone else as it felt like to me. :)

Elijah has been throwing things in anger. He gets frustrated when we don't understand what he wants or give him something different from what he was asking for. We're working on teaching him how to respond correctly. One night at dinner, he was super tired and cranky, and he just didn't want his food anymore. He kept throwing things off his tray, and I was real close to him, telling him not to throw his food, when he looked up into my face, pulled his hand back, and slapped me! I was so shocked that he'd do that, because he really is SO sweet, and even when he's upset, he usually wants me close to him, and yes, there was a moment where I was slightly offended ("did you just hit me?!?!?!"), but quickly the overwhelming emotion in my heart was grief. I began to weep, and I just kept thinking, "This is not who you are, son! You are a sweet boy! You are loving, you are gentle, you are kind! I want you to respond humbly and teachably to correction, I want you to be obedient and soft-hearted." Oh, I cried. Not because I was mad that he hit me, but because he was acting SO out of character from who I want him to be and from who I KNOW he is. In that moment, I just felt this realization hit me-this is how God feels when we sin. The horrendous GRIEF. "I have made you for more than this, child. This is not who you are. There is better for you." That made me weep all the more. God doesn't respond in anger when I sin. How could he? He is my loving, gentle Father who wants everything for me that I can possibly have. He is grieved beyond my understanding at my sin, but not because He is so offended by me, but because of His great love for me. He knows what He has created me to do and to be, and when I fall short of that, He grieves for what I'm missing.

Wow. They say you understand God's love more when you have kids. I think this was one of the biggest revelations I've had so far.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Elijah dialed 911 yesterday from a phone that doesn't even work! He found Daddy's old cell phone in his nightstand drawer. We don't usually let Elijah play with our phones because they can break so easily, but this one was old. Once Elijah figured out how to open the flip phone, he excitedly began pushing all the buttons. Imagine our surprise when the phone powered on! It must have somehow had a small charge left. Oh, well, we thought, it's not connected to a network. But just a few minutes later, we heard (on speakerphone), "Hello? What is the nature of your emergency? Hello?" We quickly explained to the operator that it was an accident and there was no emergency, then completely removed the battery from the phone! What a surprise! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is Beauty?

Beauty Unfurled...
My friend Stacy is starting a blog, Beauty Unfurled, with the goal of releasing women to live out beauty in their homes and lives. It's got me thinking about what beauty is in my life...

Beauty is my toddler hiding his face under the crook of his arm so he can then lift it off and grin while I declare, "Peek-a-boo!"
Beauty is burrowing down under the covers next to the most wonderful husband ever.
Beauty is the dull ache of my abdomen as it stretches and prepares for the weight of new life growing within.
Beauty is a little head leaned against a big furry he loves that dog!
Beauty is that same little head leaned down on my shoulder when I turn out the lights to put him down for a nap. He can be up and looking around, but when the lights go out, the head goes down. Precious cuddle bug!!!
Beauty is my resting my head on sweet husband's chest at the end of the day.
Beauty is tons of fabric options and paint colors that we sort through to work on our dining room furniture.
Beauty is the gentle encouragement of my own mother after a frustrating day with my baby.
Beauty is the silence of naptime.
Beauty is the sparkle of eyes as we laugh together, the love of my life and I.
Beauty is mail, hand-addressed, from sweet sister or dear friends.
Beauty is the tiredness of the end of a day full of love and memory-making.
Beauty is the head bowed in surrender to God.
Beauty is an entire room full of people worshiping Jesus.
Beauty is the all-encompassing, sacrificial, GREAT GREAT love of our Savior.

What is beauty to you?

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Boy's Best Friend

Elijah has recently taken to using Jewel as a backrest. He very carefully positions himself to sit right in front of her, and then scoots backwards little by little til he can lean on her. He'll just sit there, or sometimes he'll have a book or a snack. He LOVES that dog! She is so patient with him and lets him do this. Every once in a while he's misjudged his distances and actually sat down right on top of her back, which resulted in something close to a backflip. He wasn't crazy about that one! He sometimes lands on her paw or her face, but she's so sweet and rarely gets up and walks away! Even when he yanks on her tail, which is happening more frequently these days, she tolerates it, or just moves a short distance away. She's a sweet dog!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We got a free Chick-Fil-A breakfast last week! They were promoting their breakfast menu, and we were thankful! It was also the first time Elijah played in a playspace at a fast food restaurant! We had a good time. Hopefully that's not where he picked up this impetigo rash business...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cars and Carseats

I don't remember what we were doing with our cars the other day, but Jewel got excited about the possibility of a car trip (sorry, puppy!) and jumped enthusiastically into the front seat of James' car. Elijah wanted to be where Jewel was (what else is new?), so somehow, this is what James found in his driver's seat:

I brought the carseat inside to wash the cover this week. After I put the cover back on, Elijah thought it was a super fun new toy. Funny how in the car, he's not that excited about the carseat, but when he has the freedom to explore it himself, he loves it! He sat there for a while. We threw a ball back and forth, and then he read books. He tried sitting in it all different directions. It was pretty funny!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing with Mommy

While Jen was here, I finally got up the nerve to recover the little pink chair that Elijah was given. It's not perfect, but it turned out fun!

He is such a reader!
And a musician!
I look so weird in this photo, but it was a hilarious session of me and Elijah taking turns wearing my sunglasses. He has finally (after months of my trying to teach him!) mastered the double thumbs-up when I put the shades on him and say, "Cool, dude!" Hooray!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing with Daddy

We went to Old Navy the other day and James found a hilarious costume for EZ to try on. This was one of our typical 110 degree days, but EZ didn't seem too bothered by it! What a sweet little monkey!We love having Daddy with us when we go to the park. And we especially LOVE when the temperature dips to the 80s while we're outside!

EZ loves making music of any kind. Here he's trying out a drum set.
Poor little Elijah has a lovely rash these days. It's a "common childhood skin disease." Unfortunately, when I googled it, I also learned that it's most common in children with unhealthy living conditions. Bummer. Anyway, we've kept him in long sleeves when we can to keep him from scratching and popping the blisters. You can tell Elijah doesn't feel well in this picture. He's loving Veggie Tales movies these days, which is what Daddy is watching.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Elijah can say Tia: "EE-ah." We were so glad to have his Tia Jen visit for 10 days and are sad that she's gone back home to Arlington! Most of the pictures from her visit aren't on my camera, but here's a few that I did get: