Monday, September 19, 2011

A Boy's Best Friend

Elijah has recently taken to using Jewel as a backrest. He very carefully positions himself to sit right in front of her, and then scoots backwards little by little til he can lean on her. He'll just sit there, or sometimes he'll have a book or a snack. He LOVES that dog! She is so patient with him and lets him do this. Every once in a while he's misjudged his distances and actually sat down right on top of her back, which resulted in something close to a backflip. He wasn't crazy about that one! He sometimes lands on her paw or her face, but she's so sweet and rarely gets up and walks away! Even when he yanks on her tail, which is happening more frequently these days, she tolerates it, or just moves a short distance away. She's a sweet dog!!!

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