Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cars and Carseats

I don't remember what we were doing with our cars the other day, but Jewel got excited about the possibility of a car trip (sorry, puppy!) and jumped enthusiastically into the front seat of James' car. Elijah wanted to be where Jewel was (what else is new?), so somehow, this is what James found in his driver's seat:

I brought the carseat inside to wash the cover this week. After I put the cover back on, Elijah thought it was a super fun new toy. Funny how in the car, he's not that excited about the carseat, but when he has the freedom to explore it himself, he loves it! He sat there for a while. We threw a ball back and forth, and then he read books. He tried sitting in it all different directions. It was pretty funny!

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