Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lovin' the Crib

So a couple times lately, when Elijah wakes up, I go in to get him up and he doesn't want to get our of his crib. It's hilarious.
He stands in the corner and points at things and signs, "please." I give him the toys or books that he's asking for and he sits there and plays with them. He likes to try to walk around, though it's harder than walking on the floor because the mattress is so squishy, but he just thinks it's the funniest thing!

I think he's even developing his imagination. He'll lay down on his stomach like he's going to sleep, though I can tell he's not in the least bit sleepy. I'll say, "Night-night, Elijah," he'll lay there for a few seconds, then pop his head up and grin and I say, "Oh, good morning!" He's adorable.

And no, he doesn't sleep with all these guys in his crib. Just little piggy and occasionally Clifford. The privileged few. :)

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  1. You might do this already, but I have Amelia play in her crib every morning for "quiet time". Since she doesn't have a morning nap any more, it's a HUGE help. I give her 6 or so books and a few stuffed animals. She plays happily and very quietly while Mason naps in the morning and I can get a shower if I haven't had one, or get started on my cleaning for the day! It's awesome!