Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing with Daddy

We went to Old Navy the other day and James found a hilarious costume for EZ to try on. This was one of our typical 110 degree days, but EZ didn't seem too bothered by it! What a sweet little monkey!We love having Daddy with us when we go to the park. And we especially LOVE when the temperature dips to the 80s while we're outside!

EZ loves making music of any kind. Here he's trying out a drum set.
Poor little Elijah has a lovely rash these days. It's a "common childhood skin disease." Unfortunately, when I googled it, I also learned that it's most common in children with unhealthy living conditions. Bummer. Anyway, we've kept him in long sleeves when we can to keep him from scratching and popping the blisters. You can tell Elijah doesn't feel well in this picture. He's loving Veggie Tales movies these days, which is what Daddy is watching.

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  1. That last picture is pretty much what you can expect at our house when a Veggie Tales is playing. Cora may or may not be watching, but daddy usually is!!