Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent Fun Photos

These first two photos are in the middle of the impetigo rash situation a few weeks ago. We had EZ in long pants and long sleeves and just cranked the air down for a while because we didn't want him scratching all his scabs and sores and spreading it all around. You can see his face in the first picture. That's not a messy food face, that's the rash. Thankfully, it's sooooo much better now! But picture that all over his legs and arms and feet...that's how bad it was! Poor little guy! I'm so thankful he's healed now!

We blew bubbles again today, actually, but this photo is from a couple weeks ago. Jewel loves to try to eat the bubbles, and Elijah thinks it's hysterical. He laughs and laughs and laughs!!!
James was in two weddings last month. Here we are at both of them:

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