Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is Beauty?

Beauty Unfurled...
My friend Stacy is starting a blog, Beauty Unfurled, with the goal of releasing women to live out beauty in their homes and lives. It's got me thinking about what beauty is in my life...

Beauty is my toddler hiding his face under the crook of his arm so he can then lift it off and grin while I declare, "Peek-a-boo!"
Beauty is burrowing down under the covers next to the most wonderful husband ever.
Beauty is the dull ache of my abdomen as it stretches and prepares for the weight of new life growing within.
Beauty is a little head leaned against a big furry body...how he loves that dog!
Beauty is that same little head leaned down on my shoulder when I turn out the lights to put him down for a nap. He can be up and looking around, but when the lights go out, the head goes down. Precious cuddle bug!!!
Beauty is my resting my head on sweet husband's chest at the end of the day.
Beauty is tons of fabric options and paint colors that we sort through to work on our dining room furniture.
Beauty is the gentle encouragement of my own mother after a frustrating day with my baby.
Beauty is the silence of naptime.
Beauty is the sparkle of eyes as we laugh together, the love of my life and I.
Beauty is mail, hand-addressed, from sweet sister or dear friends.
Beauty is the tiredness of the end of a day full of love and memory-making.
Beauty is the head bowed in surrender to God.
Beauty is an entire room full of people worshiping Jesus.
Beauty is the all-encompassing, sacrificial, GREAT GREAT love of our Savior.

What is beauty to you?

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