Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've been realizing something sweet lately. I am Elijah's best friend. I laugh at his jokes, I know what he loves, I understand (sometimes) what he's trying to communicate, and I spend TONS of time with him. I know it won't always be this way, but it's sweet to know that he really enjoys playing with me and being with me. I love this little man so much.

I've been really proud of him this weekend. We've spent lots of time with different friends from church, and he's actually been interacting with some of them! He typically gets super shy and hides his face in our shoulders, but he's finally been warming up! He played football with friends yesterday, played with another little boy during dinner, even chasing each other and hugging each other, he went willingly to his little class at church this morning without even crying! I'm thrilled!

Here he's trying on Daddy's ratty outside shoes:
Superman in the living room!
I've been getting Veggie Tales movies from the local library. Sometimes they don't play on our TV (?!?!), so I play them on my computer for him. Here he's cozy in his little chair with some good friends, watching his favorite show!
He loves kisses from Jewel!


  1. Sometimes our Netflix don't work on our Mac because it is a slot drive DVD player, but will play in a regular DVD player. Do you have a DVD/TV combo? That could be why they don't work.
    Oh, and the boys still talk about EZ's hair. When they grow up, they want hair like him.

  2. Such sweet, great insight - thanks for sharing it challenged me and blessed my heart to think of being my kids best friend!