Tuesday, October 4, 2011


EZ definitely knows how to get his point across. I know that eventually he will use words, but for now, he has some cute little motions and he makes sure we know what he wants!

--Bubbles! EZ loves playing with bubbles these days. It just clicked with him that he can ask for them (woo-hoo!). He reaches towards the door to the backyard and makes this blowing, spitting action with his mouth while he looks at me. "See, Mom, I know how you make the bubbles!" The funny thing is that anytime I hold the wand out for him to try blowing his own bubbles, he opens his mouth to try to eat it. We're not quite there yet...but he knows how I'm doing it, I guess!

--Chapstick! Elijah has found the tube of chapstick that James sometimes keeps on his nightstand, and he's so cute as he asks for it and we put it on him! When he wants chapstick, he opens his mouth and sticks his finger around inside. It's kind of hard to distinguish from his toothbrush motion, actually, except that his mouth stays open. And then when we get it out, he opens his mouth while we dab the chapstick on him, than obediently smacks his lips like we ask him to.

--Phone! As previously related, Elijah now has a phone he plays with. He bends his elbow by his ear when he wants to play with his phone-I guess he's seeing us use our phones and is figuring out where they go! Today I've even been noticing that when I talk on the phone, he does that motion-he knows that's what I'm doing and wants to participate! When I offer him the phone (I think I've mostly done this so far when it's James on the phone), he then tries to take it and push the buttons, so he's not quite ready for talking on the phone much yet!

--Lotion! Whenever Elijah walks past his diaper changing station and sees the lotion or the hand sanitizer, he looks excitedly at me and rubs his hands together. He LOVES getting a tiny little squirt of lotion on one hand, but then it takes him for.ev.er. to decide to rub it with the other hand. Silly boy! And as soon as he's done that, he wants more. Um, no.

--iPod! EZ used to ask for music by dancing a little. Now he points to his ear, or even folds his ear down a little, while pointing at the iPod dock. He does the ear thing a lot when he's focused on what he hears-a bus going by, the trash truck, Jewel barking, etc. He's isolating that sense of hearing!

--Toothbrush! In his bathroom or in ours, if Elijah sees a toothbrush or toothpaste, or even sometimes when he doesn't, he puts his finger in his mouth and rubs his teeth. I think he closes his mouth around his finger, if I'm remembering correctly, so it's barely different from the chapstick request! We always brush teeth after a bath, so sometimes it's as soon as he gets in the bathtub that he starts asking to brush his teeth! "Not just yet, buddy!"

He's a great communicator! I love this little guy and can't wait for the chance to learn more and more what he's thinking!

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