Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dining Room Chairs

Our dining room is coming together! For months we've had our random mismatched chairs, but I was waiting for the temperature to dip below 90 degrees so I could paint them! Finally, about two weeks ago, we got a few days of a cool tease, and I pulled out the paint!

I bought a set of 4 of these chairs for $30 at a resale shop clearing out their inventory. They were originally asking $60, which I sure wouldn't have done, knowing how much work I would have to do, but for the price (I was looking for less than $10 per chair), even though I wasn't crazy about their look, I was sold!
I sanded them down to help the paint stick.

Since I planned to "build" a cushion, I didn't need to remove the seat (good thing-I looked at it and was not at all sure it was even possible). I painted the parts that would be showing.
Here's another before-this is the chair I had to repair after we rescued it from a trash pile. I don't think I have a before picture for the last chair.
Here are the afters! One of each type:

True confession: I'm not crazy about the way the "cushion building" worked out. I had used foam on the bench I built, and that turned out great, but foam is expensive and I wanted to try to cheat the system. So I bought some seat cushions on big sale at Ross and planned to take them apart and use them. Turns out they were just filled with stuffing, which when I moved around was really just lumpy. So I had to try a couple different ways, and I landed on one that seemed the most comfy and the smoothest, but if you look close, they're still puckered where all the staples pull the cloth tight. I don't love them, but I didn't want to keep messing with it, and they're not too bad. And I didn't want to use any more of the fabric cuz I had other plans for it (see the next post).
So, all together, here's our little family of dining room seating:
We like how it turned out!!!


  1. *applause*!!!

    Would love to see a photo of them all around the table too!

  2. They look so bright and cheery!