Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

This weekend, we set out to carve our pumpkin. Pumpkin patch pictures are coming soon, they're super cute, but they're on James' computer from his fancy camera and he's adjusting light and color balance stuff. :)

First, James took a "what's your pumpkin carving style?" survey online. It was not helpful at all.
Next, we decided to carve a big "W" for "Wise" in our pumpkin, and then we decided to be clever. Our Waco friends should recognize the design we chose. James carefully mapped it out on the pumpkin, trying to include enough support so that the star wouldn't fall out.
(for you non-Wacoans, this is the City of Waco logo)

Next, Elijah put on his super cool shades and got his little pumpkin ready.
While Daddy cut off the top of the big pumpkin, Elijah investigated what his little pumpkin was like. He used many of his five senses, including smell:
We're thankful Daddy is on our side.
Elijah wasn't too interested in getting the seeds out of the pumpkin.
He doesn't really like to get his hands dirty.
So, Mama put Elijah down for a nap while Daddy scooped out the seeds. Then Mama made DELICIOUS toasted pumpkin seeds while Daddy went to work carving the W on the pumpkin.

I wish we had taken pictures of the various mishaps that took place during this event. Suffice it to say that I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face and dripping off my nose. Basically, James went back and forth between, "Oh, dang!" to "YES!" and "Shoot!" to "Boo-yah!" You may have seen some facebook cries for help that he sent out, and Trina actually came to the rescue suggesting toothpicks to hold some pieces back together. James combined this technique with super glue, which led to the truly hilarious part of the day. I was working on a sewing project, and then I hear him say, "Oh, no, now we have to go to the emergency room!" as he got up and rushed to the kitchen sink. I threw down what I was working on to follow him, asking, "What happened? Did you cut yourself?" He didn't answer me, so naturally I assumed the worst. Imagine my response when I arrive at the sink and he looks up to explain, "I super glued my fingers together!" And here I thought something was wrong...

After all our adventures, here's the finished product, though I don't have a picture of it lit up at night.

Happy fall!

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