Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sewing and Reading

 I've been doing lots of sewing over the past few days!

I did finish the three crib sheets, and while I did try one of them on Elijah's crib, I am not about to take a picture of the awful clash between the lavender/white/gray world and his sweet blue trains.  Maybe you can see pictures of those completed once the new (craigslist!) crib gets painted (maybe in the next couple weeks that can be my project) and the rest of the ensemble is complete so everything will match!

 For now, though, a couple other things.  I made the changing pad cover last night.  Seriously, super easy!
 When I tried it on the changing pad today, I thought it needed a little something.  So I added a satiny ribbon left over from the decorating for our wedding.  (Uh-oh.  I only just realized lavender must be one of my favorite colors.  I forgot it was one of my wedding colors!  But it was such a nice pairing with the dark green...).  Try to ignore the blue baskets's just being tried on for size in Elijah's room, and then I took it right off!!  :)

 Then yesterday and this morning I did the dust ruffle!!!  Again, the new crib isn't set up yet (and won't be for a while, probably.  Let's be honest.), and I HATE making the crib up even after laundry is done, so I am not about to just strip the bed just to see how this all looks until the whole deal is complete.  And even then, we'll see!  But you can get the idea-here's the crib skirt!!  :)  So pretty!
 Elijah still loves to read, in case anyone was wondering.  Here are a couple shots of him in the last few days (where he happens to be wearing the same shirt...interesting!).  Side note: I actually opened his dresser drawer to let him choose what shirt to wear this morning, and he wanted to one that made the car noise.  I was showing him short sleeved shirts, but no, this one has tire tracks and is COOL!  :)

 The other night James was reading to Elijah.  I loved the facial expressions (James') that I caught on film.  Check it out!  :)

You know most of our books around here involve some kind of roaring or growling.  :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Roo's Room-The Plan

So you saw all the fabric samples I was playing with last week?  Well, we've made choices, I've done some super bargain shopping, located great online tutorials, and started sewing!  Want to see?  :)

These are the three fabrics I'm using for crib sheets.  This is the tutorial I'm using.  I've completed one so far and will finish up the other two tonight-they're super easy! 

 This will be the changing table pad cover.  I do wish the flannel were a solid purple under the dots, instead of mottled, but it's less obvious in real life.  This is the tutorial I plan to use, and it turns out this is the same tutorial my friend Autumn used to make the cover for Elijah's room!  :)  Hopefully I can do it as well as she did!  :)
 I LOVE this fabric!  This floral pattern will be the crib bumpers and probably curtains or valances, too.  This is the tutorial I've landed on for the bumpers.
 This stripey fabric is the original fabric I was searching for-I'm just so excited to really be using it!  This will be the dust ruffle, and I plan to also incorporate it into the curtains or valances.  This is the tutorial I'm using for the dust ruffle, though I'm making mine way shorter than the instructions say, if anyone cares.  :)
 I have done some serious couponing and bargain shopping in the last several days, and I have to admit I am feeling pretty proud of myself!  Check it out:
Two of the crib fabrics were 30% off at Hobby Lobby (saved $6):
 Used a 40% off coupon on the changing table cover material (saved $2.50):
 Used a 50% off coupon on the stripey dust ruffle fabric at Joann's (saved $19):
 Combined a TON of coupons at Joann's for the rest of the materials (fabrics, elastics, etc), including a $15 off, 2 60% offs, and a 40% off (saved $42):
 The big trip to Joann's ended up being a little complicated.  They didn't have enough of the gray and purple flower material and a very kind associate called several stores to get some transferred for me, but apparently everyone is shopping at Joann's right now and it took a long time and was super confusing.  So I ended up getting the flower material in pieces, which meant it didn't all come off under the big 60% off coupon like I was planning, and actually, at one point I think the lady double-charged me for a small portion of it, but it ended up being less than I'd calculated when I tried to do the math, and I was thoroughly confused, so I just took it!  I had been planning to use a $10 off your $50 purchase, but she got it to where I got $15 off my $75 purchase, so maybe she was helping me get to the $75.  Either way, I saved more money than I'd expected even though there are more items on my receipt (???), and she already had had to ring me up twice, but it worked out GREAT and I was so happy and excited!

SOOOOO!  Grand total spent on baby bedding: $88.26 (plus $12 for the original fabric samples)!  Right at $100!!!  I'm super excited-I LOVE the fabrics, and this would easily cost several hundred if I bought it already made.  If I could even find fabrics I wanted already made into these things.  :)  And from what I've started so far, I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fabric left over, at least of the stripey dust ruffle fabric, so we'll see what else I come up with to do with it!!!  :)

What do y'all think?  Do you like it?  :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quiet Book Completed! Pt 2

 Book 2 of the quiet book!  :)  The only problem is that the pages aren't staying super well in the binder.  Not sure what to do about that...

 The O page is probably my least favorite.  I don't know why, it just doesn't seem as fun!  :)

 The magnets I used to make the matching game aren't as strong as I would have liked, so I ended up having to make a little bag to keep the pieces in since they fall off when you turn the pages.  Elijah really likes this page!

 Hehe...the teacher in me shows up in this page.  You can't tell very well, but each row is a kind of pattern.  ABAB, AABB, etc.  :)
 There's a vegetable "planted" in each space.  :)

 This is the page I dragged my feet on.  Finally today James said I should just finish it.  I couldn't come up with a good idea, but this was actually James' idea!  :)

Quiet Book Completed! Pt 1

I realized I never posted the rest of the quiet book pages!  Elijah already loves playing with it, though some of them are waaaaay over his head!  :)

I've ended up just taking the crayons and paper out of this.  He just likes to eat the crayons and tear the paper...maybe when he's a little older!  :)

This is one of EZ's favorite page-he loves seeing himself and people he loves as he lifts the flaps!

This is a little flip book with 6 photos of Jewel or Jewel with Elijah.  This is one of his favorite pages!  :)

I was a little disappointed with how this L page turned out.  The little eyelet metal pieces just don't lay flat so it doesn't look right.  I don't think he'll really be able to use this to learn to tie when he gets older.  We'll see.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Cutie-Patootie

I took this picture after I put EZ down for a nap the other day to show how he likes to go to sleep.  Notice that he has THREE animals!  It's precious how he wraps his arm around Clifford-sometimes he even wakes up still holding him!  The frog he's less attached to, but has been enjoying lately.  And Little Piggy is his CONSTANT bedtime companion.  It's pretty cute!  

 Gran was here last week to keep Elijah during our ultrasound and to celebrate my birthday!  Elijah took the opportunity to have her read EVERY BOOK HE OWNS.  She was a great sport and a willing participant!  She even changed the content of a book I don't like to a much more wholesome story.  :)  She is very on-the-spot creative...maybe that's where James gets it?
 And I know I had something specific in mind when I took this photo, but I sure can't think of what it was...maybe how he likes his cups resting on the armrest while he hangs out in his chair?  Though I'm the one that put them there-he can't quite balance them himself!  The cover I made for this chair is getting a hole along one of the seams...going to have to fix that...and isn't this super-cutest little man shirt?!?!?!  I love it-I got it for like $3 at a local kids' resale shop!  :)