Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eskimo Kisses

I wish I had a photo for this entry, but I'm thankful to be in the moments as they happen instead of taking pictures, so you'll have to imagine it from my description...

Elijah has recently found kisses to be the funniest thing! For the past several nights, when I'm putting him to bed, I've been rocking him in his rocking chair while I pray over him for a few minutes before I set him down. Normally while I do this he just puts his head down on my shoulder and rests quietly. The last few nights he's done that for a minute, and then he sits up, looks at me, and bursts into laughter!!! I just can't help kissing his little forehead and cheeks and nose when he does this, which makes him laugh harder and harder. Then I ask for a kiss, and he removes his pacifier to squish his little mouth against my face, and then laughs even harder! I finally have to put him down and stop kissing him or I'm afraid he'd just laugh and laugh all night!

Then today, I was helping him take his shoes off and he was sitting in my lap. I asked him for a kiss, and he looked up at me and pressed his lips to my cheek, but then he shook his head, opened his mouth, and started touching my face. I was confused, so I kept offering my cheeks to him. I could tell he wanted to kiss me but I didn't know what more he wanted. I was confused because it seemed like he was trying to kiss my mouth, but we don't kiss him on the lips, so why would he be trying to do that? Finally, he shook his head again, touched my nose, and touched his nose. I finally realized he was asking for eskimo kisses! We used to do that all the time, but I don't think we do it as often these days, but apparently it made an impression on him! He was so thrilled and satisfied as I finally realized what he was asking for and began rubbing my nose against his! Cute, cute, cute! It made me laugh a lot, and then he laughed, etc. No wonder he thinks kisses are funny! :)


  1. So cute! It's amazing the things we do that we don't even realize they are remembering or filing away for later. :)

    Just out of curiosity, why don't you kiss on the lips?

  2. precious! absolutely precious! you are such a great Momma to a sweet little man!