Saturday, November 12, 2011


My heart is full to overflowing.

We had our ultrasound appointment yesterday. When the tech said it was a girl, I just started crying. I am SO happy, so thankful, and so overwhelmed with gratitude!

As I've thought about this pregnancy, I've had this little worry. I love Elijah SOOOOO much-I think everything he does is precious, and I can't imagine feeling the way I do about him for anyone else. So I've wondered, even though I know every parent loves every one of their kids, etc, can I love another baby like I love Elijah? What if he's my favorite? But when I "met" this fiesty little girl yesterday, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I realized that fear was unfounded. I love her. SO much and with all my heart. Like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes, my capacity to love my children does grow as the number of children increases. Our God is faithful not only to answer the desires of our hearts, but to provide for how to meet every need that comes with that!

I was hoping for a girl. I could think of great reason for either gender, but just the desire of my heart was for a daughter this time. Isn't God kind? I am so excited-my cup is filled to overflowing and I am just so thankful! I feel like our lives are already wonderful and complete, and now anticipating this daughter, I just keep thinking, "our joy is made every more complete!"

It was a fun ultrasound. This little girl is a wiggler. Every doctor's appointment so far, when the doctor has listened to her heartbeat, she moves away part of the way through, and they have to chase her around to listen to her. Well, the ultrasound was no different. She cooperated more at the beginning, but after a while, she must have decided she didnt' like holding still or something, and she just wiggled and flipped and squirmed and turned and made it quite a challenge for the tech to get all the measurements and everything that she needed! Eventually we got everything, but it was an adventure! And they squirted so much of that gel on me! Lovely.

What a treat to already start getting some hints of her personality! We can't wait to meet her in several more months!! :)

And yes, my birthday cake was pink.


  1. so excited - I have soft spot for girls :). I remember having those same thoughts about if I could love K like I love M and a similar reaction when I saw her on the ultrasound of nope I totally can love her as much and I do :). What a fabulous journey, I am really so thrilled for you guys and I love reading your thoughts because it makes me all reflective and mushy over remembering those feelings :) thanks for the reminder of all the sweet joys. I love you friend!

  2. Cat, I am SO excited for you, James and EZ! My heart is overjoyed and there are loud cheers inside my head! Congratulations!!!