Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Passin' Her Up

News flash:

Elijah has officially passed Jewel up in terms on intelligence. I mean, I believed that was true ages ago, but now I have tangible proof.

When Elijah wants a snack, he does his little whiny sound and signs please while pulling on the cabinet door or the box of cereal or whatever he's wanting to eat. I'll say, "Do you want some _____?" and he'll nod or smile or somehow respond in the affirmative. I'll tell him, "Go get your snack cup" and he will turn around and search the house for one of his two snack cups. Either he'll come running back with one of his snack cups held out for me to fill, or he'll find it somewhere he can't reach and stand there asking for help til I come get it down off the table or the counter or whatever. Either way, he helps me locate the container for me to fill, and then I'm able to give him what he wants and set him free to contentedly munch away.

Jewel, on the other hand...every time I get out the peanut butter, she becomes my best friend. She stands right in front of me as I make Elijah a peanut butter sandwich or scoop peanut butter into a recipe. I can tell her, "Go get your kong!" (which is a rubber dog toy that we put peanut butter into for her to work on getting it out). She just stands there. I can point away from me and tell her to go find it, and she'll run two steps away and then come right back at me, staring up at the peanut butter. Not ONCE has she successfully even gone and located the kong for me to fill for her.

So that's the proof. Elijah understands what I'm asking him to do and responds successfully. But then, I don't think anyone's surprised that our precious boy is smarter than our dog. :)

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