Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

These pictures are now almost a month old...but still super cute! Enjoy!

We visited a local pumpkin patch to take the traditional photos. Elijah wanted to be like his Tia Jen and direct the movie camera. Notice the super cool shades he's wearing around his neck. He snagged Mama's sunglasses just a few minutes before he snuck the video camera.

We decided that little Roo was just about the size of a pumpkin and so we should take some pictures this way.

Elijah did NOT like sitting in the pumpkin pile. I don't think he liked it last year, either...
Here's me trying to coax a smile out of him...
Not quite a smile, but not screaming...

He got kind of curious about the scarecrow sitting next to him. :)

Cute family picture!!!Elijah was so interested in the little ones and really enjoyed carrying some of them around.

He actually worked pretty hard on setting them up in a little line. It was funny.

Hard worker. Sweet baby (*sniff* well, not anymore!) boy!

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