Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quiet Book Completed! Pt 1

I realized I never posted the rest of the quiet book pages!  Elijah already loves playing with it, though some of them are waaaaay over his head!  :)

I've ended up just taking the crayons and paper out of this.  He just likes to eat the crayons and tear the paper...maybe when he's a little older!  :)

This is one of EZ's favorite page-he loves seeing himself and people he loves as he lifts the flaps!

This is a little flip book with 6 photos of Jewel or Jewel with Elijah.  This is one of his favorite pages!  :)

I was a little disappointed with how this L page turned out.  The little eyelet metal pieces just don't lay flat so it doesn't look right.  I don't think he'll really be able to use this to learn to tie when he gets older.  We'll see.

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