Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sewing and Reading

 I've been doing lots of sewing over the past few days!

I did finish the three crib sheets, and while I did try one of them on Elijah's crib, I am not about to take a picture of the awful clash between the lavender/white/gray world and his sweet blue trains.  Maybe you can see pictures of those completed once the new (craigslist!) crib gets painted (maybe in the next couple weeks that can be my project) and the rest of the ensemble is complete so everything will match!

 For now, though, a couple other things.  I made the changing pad cover last night.  Seriously, super easy!
 When I tried it on the changing pad today, I thought it needed a little something.  So I added a satiny ribbon left over from the decorating for our wedding.  (Uh-oh.  I only just realized lavender must be one of my favorite colors.  I forgot it was one of my wedding colors!  But it was such a nice pairing with the dark green...).  Try to ignore the blue baskets's just being tried on for size in Elijah's room, and then I took it right off!!  :)

 Then yesterday and this morning I did the dust ruffle!!!  Again, the new crib isn't set up yet (and won't be for a while, probably.  Let's be honest.), and I HATE making the crib up even after laundry is done, so I am not about to just strip the bed just to see how this all looks until the whole deal is complete.  And even then, we'll see!  But you can get the idea-here's the crib skirt!!  :)  So pretty!
 Elijah still loves to read, in case anyone was wondering.  Here are a couple shots of him in the last few days (where he happens to be wearing the same shirt...interesting!).  Side note: I actually opened his dresser drawer to let him choose what shirt to wear this morning, and he wanted to one that made the car noise.  I was showing him short sleeved shirts, but no, this one has tire tracks and is COOL!  :)

 The other night James was reading to Elijah.  I loved the facial expressions (James') that I caught on film.  Check it out!  :)

You know most of our books around here involve some kind of roaring or growling.  :)

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