Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Is He Thinking???

I just can't wait until he can explain to me what is going on inside that little head of his!!

Today we were playing at the park and he just took off down the path after these two dogs being walked on their leashes. He was so excited to see these dogs, he was almost giddy. After he pet them for just a moment, he turned back towards the playground. As we crossed the little bridge, he stopped and lay down on the bridge!!! He lay there for about two seconds, then got up and kept heading back to the playground. A little bit later, he stopped and again lay down, this side on the sidewalk, just for a second, and then headed back to play! Maybe he was curious about what the different surfaces would feel like on his face? I was so curious and so amused!!!

We played in the playplace at Chick-Fil-A today. We've gone in a couple other times, but he hasn't been super interested in trying to climb up into the tunnel/slide stuff. Once before I practically carried him up there, hoping to stir up some interest so he'd try to get up there, but while he enjoyed it, he didn't seem fascinated. Today, though, he was trying to get his leg up the huge steps, so I thought I'd help him figure it out. I just showed him how to use his knees to pull himself up the big steps, and he quickly got the hang of it. Unfortunately, the hard part for him (both at our playground at home and at the Chick-Fil-A) is getting into the tunnels from the steps. It's not a big step, but because he can't just walk through, he doesn't know what to do! I think it's a result of the whole not-ever-crawling thing. So I still had to help him once he was up there, getting into the tunnel and then going down the enclosed twisty slide. He likes it with me, but he's going to need to figure it out himself before too long! Let's just say the bigger Roo gets, the harder time Mama has squeezing herself through those small spaces and even climbing into the whole deal. Wow!

In other news, I'm pretty sure he CAN crawl...several times lately when he's playing in his bed or on our bed, etc, I've caught him do it just for a couple "steps." Little stinker. :)

Tomorrow's a big day-we'll be finding out if Roo is a boy or a girl!!! We've been waiting and waiting and are SO eager for this revelation!!! Stay tuned!

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