Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 Reasons My Husband Rocks

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you 9 reasons my husband is the best, absolute most wonderful man God could ever have possibly given me!

1. Love
James loves so well.  He loves me well, he loves Elijah and Roo well, he loves Jesus well, and he loves the people around him well.  One way to say this is that James loves fully.  He doesn't hold back, afraid of getting hurt.  He doesn't wait and see how someone else will respond to him before he jumps in.  James gives of himself generously and loves completely!  He is so loving to me-he pays attention to me, he knows me, and he loves to make me happy!  He loves Elijah so wholly-he plays with him, reads to him, throws him up in the air, and tickles him! 

2. Humility
James truly chooses the low road.  He is a learner, not afraid to ask questions, and receiving correction well.  Even if we have a disagreement that is my fault, James finds something to apologize for!  The Bible says that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.  James receives much grace from the Lord because of his humble spirit!  James wants to grow and learn.  In our marriage, he consistently asks for feedback and ways he can improve.  Before the Lord, he worships unashamedly, rejoicing in his position as servant of the Most High!

3. Creativity
James is a creative person.  :)  He is visual (as he likes to remind me), so he sees potential in places I don't.  He has great ideas for how to make our home more welcoming, for how to set up a photo, for how to phrase a difficult thought.  James does an excellent job sending out our newsletters, in part because he loves to create a quality product!  I'm so thankful for his creativity to balance my practical side.  We make a great team!  His creativity shows up also in unexpected places: when I'm anticipating a difficult conversation, I can talk it through with James and he comes up with ways to communicate more clearly!  When I need help thinking through a problem, he can usually come up with solutions I haven't thought of. 

4. Joy
James is a rejoicer!  We celebrate little milestones and we laugh a lot!  If you know James at all, you already know what a sense of humor he has, but even when he's not making jokes, there is joy in his heart, in his words, in his face.  James finds ways to make little things special, and to bring laughter into situations.  He can be deep and serious, yes, and I really value that he isn't one of those who always awkwardly cracks jokes at the wrong time, but overall, there is a joyful lightness about him.  I think this is very much like Jesus!

5. Listening
James is a listener.  He loves to play this joke whenever I talk about his being a good listener where he instantly replies, "Huh?" so I'm tricked into repeating what I just said.  Joking aside, though, he is an excellent listener.  He reminds me of things I've said that I've forgotten about!  He knows me well because he pays attention to things I say and do, and it makes me feel so treasured!  James also listens to God well.  He does not just forge ahead, doing his own thing, but waits on God's direction to lead him.  On a less serious note, he also listens to music so well, I call him the human jukebox.  James can hear a song once and is able to sing it back to me.  Many times I don't even notice that there's music playing, like in a restaurant, and James is singing along!

6. Sincerity/EnthusiasmJames tells it like it is.  If he says he wants to spend time with me, he really means it.  If he says he will help with the vacuuming, he really means it.  James speaks truth and is trustworthy!  Not only that, but when he's in, he's all in!  James doesn't do things halfheartedly, he really gives himself to what he's doing so that he'll do it well.  Again, James does quality work-on newsletters, relationships, conversations, etc!  He doesn't participate in things begrudgingly, even if it's not something he anticipated helping with/being a part of.  He jumps in with enthusiasm and gives it his best!

7. Patience
I'm so thankful that James is so patient with me!  He consistently provides such a safe place for me to be myself, even in moments where I'm still trying to figure out what exactly that looks like.  He is not put off by my tears or my fears, patiently helping me figure myself out and speaking truth and life and love into me!  Especially lately, as we have to repeat conversations I forget (I blame pregnancy brain), he is kind and patient with me even when it's inconvenient.  He is even patient with my emotions when I know I'm not being super-rational.  He is an excellent husband!

8. Security
James is sure about who he is.  He has wrestled with the hard questions and come to a place where he is confident in his identity.  James knows and walks securely in his role as beloved son of God, faithful husband, loving father, and diligent worker.  Because of this, he doesn't apologize for speaking with authority in the right situations or for taking on what God has entrusted to him.  This is a beautiful challenge to me to grow in confidence in my own identity and authority!

9. Gentleness
James is a man of strength, but I LOVE seeing and experiencing his gentleness.  There's nothing stronger than a man who chooses gentleness!  The most clear way to see this is in how he treats Elijah, as a newborn and currently, though he also treats me with such gentleness and tenderness, as well!  James doesn't bulldoze or thunder, he speaks and acts with kindness and compassion.  Love it!

I love you, James!  You are the most wonderful treasure God could have given me and I am SO thankful!!!

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