Sunday, December 18, 2011


Elijah prayed for the first time yesterday!  It was so precious, though of course he doesn't really understand what he's doing.  But it was so sweet I just burst into tears and hugged him.  And then he burped in my ear.  That's the way these things go, I guess!

So we usually hold hands and pray before our meals.  Often, I forget, but we do better when Daddy's home, too!  Sometimes Elijah doesn't want to hold my hand so he just keeps eating, and we don't push it.  Yesterday at lunch, he didn't want to, but then as we started eating, he must have decided he was ready, so he reached for my hand and we prayed again.  But when we were finished, he didn't want to be finished, he hung on to my hand.  So James asked if Elijah wanted to pray, and he nodded yes.  So I started feeding it to him, "Thank you Jesus for food.  Thank you Jesus for Mommy.  Thank you Jesus for Daddy."  He did his sign language thank you and seemed to repeat the other words (hard to distinguish, but he's trying).  Then he started pointing at some of his favorite things and so we thanked Jesus for snowmen and nutcrackers, etc.  It was so precious!

Then later he wanted to do it again at dinner!  I know he doesn't really understand, but I think it's so sweet to see these patterns being laid down for a solid foundation later.  :)

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