Saturday, January 28, 2012

EZ's Time With Jesus

An important value in our home (and church and faith) is spending daily time with Jesus.  This can be a hard habit to implement, and we want to instill this value in our kids from the beginning.  But how???  We've tried some different things but not done a great job sticking with them.  This month, though, we've started something new and so far Elijah really likes it.

My friend Mandy gave me the idea for the prayer cards, and I found the ABC Bible verse printables here (for free!).

Basically, after Christmas when we took all the Christmas cards down, we kept all the pictures we'd received and put them in a little box.  I finally got around to wrapping/decorating said box so now I can post pictures!  :)

Each morning during breakfast, Elijah looks through and plays with allllllllll the cards (and throws them on the floor, and points out all the people he knows, and acknowledges any animals that were included in people's photos), but then eventually picks one (or a few) and we pray for them.  He understands prayer (as a one year old can) and often even says amen with me at the end, "Me-MEN!"

 Then we work on a memory verse.  This website has a little card for each letter of the alphabet, and in theory maybe you could do one a week or something, but, well, he's 19 months old and we'll just work on this one for a while, I think, before we move on!
Here's a precious video of how he's doing with it!  :)  My heart just melts!!!  :)
He loves our little routine.  He asks for it really at several times during the day and I think it's just perfect!!!  :)


  1. You are a great mommy! Love this idea! Keep it up Cat.

  2. Go Elijah! Way to memorize Scripture!

  3. So cute! What a man of God!