Monday, January 23, 2012

Fit to be Tied

 Look at this!  Isn't he just toooooo adorable?  I made this tie for him to wear when he's the ringbearer in my brother's wedding this summer.  My future sister-in-law, Kristi, picked out the fabric to coordinate with all the different colors being pulled in (it's going to be a super fun wedding, y'all!), and I have to say, I originally though I'd do the stripes just horizontal, but James thought they should be diagonal and insisted I check with Kristi-good call, cuz that's what she wanted, too, and it turned out TOOOO cute!  Is it bad taste that I had him wear it to church yesterday when he hasn't worn it for the wedding yet?  I was just so proud of it...Sorry, Kristi, if I'm not supposed to do that!  :)
I used this tutorial and it worked great-very easy!

 Hmm...I wonder if I need to pull the knot just a little bit tighter, now that I'm seeing it in pictures?  It's tied on to another piece of fabric that velcroes in the back, so NO I did not have to attempt to tie a tie around his neck.  Mercy!


  1. l-o-v-e it! wow I need a boy, did I just say that ?! ;)

    1. Sooo cute! And great job--I have made some ties for my boys and they can be tricky =)