Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For the Love of the Paci

 So...for months I've been afraid of what would happen whenever we decided to take Elijah's paci away.  He is a great nighttime sleeper but his naps have been less consistently easy, and he has love love LOVED his pacis.  I mean, when we go on trips we make sure we have spare pacis before we pack our own clothes...priorities, people!  So I've known that eventually we'd have to break this habit, but really it hasn't been on the top of the priority list.  We worked him down to using it only in the car and when he was sleeping, and felt like that wasn't unreasonable.  But then I started to get worried about how it would work after our new baby came, if he was still using a paci, I thought it wouldn't really be fair to wean him from it until it was time to wear HER from it and so I was picturing him being 2 1/1 or 3 which is like a year away...and suddenly I decided it had to be NOW!  I didn't want it to be too close to her birth because I sure don't want to create resentment in him that she got his paci or anything, but I think two months away is early enough that he won't connect them in his mind.

So...I consulted my facebook advisory panel (who I couldn't live without) and read up on some ideas on the internet, and decided that instead of going cold turkey, we were going for subtle manipulation.  :)  So, here I am, preparing to lessen the paci's appeal:
Disregard the water all over my shirt.  I had just finished washing dishes and you know how these baby bellies get in the way!  :)
Anyway, I cut off a little piece from the tip of each paci and then we proceeded to put him to bed like normal.  As he tried one, he'd get this concerned look on his face, we'd give him another to try, etc.  He said "uh-oh" as he tried them, but we just brushed it off and said, "Oh, well, they're broken, but you're a big boy and don't really need them anyway.  Good night!"  We heard him talking a tiny bit but then he went right to sleep!  That's pretty much been the theme for the last week.  He's been awake a little more before he falls asleep, but nothing loud or upset or anything (miraculous!!!!!).  The down side for us is just that he's waking up significantly earlier from all his sleep times.  This is a big bummer, but at least he is sleeping.   He's waking up about an hour early in the mornings and from his nap, but I'm hoping and praying for at least a partial return to normal!  :)
I'm so relieved, though.  I was super concerned about this process and he has done really really well.  I don't think I would have done anything differently.  I'm not sorry he's used a paci, it's been a lifesaver TONS of times, and I think this is a good time for him to be learning to go without it.  We'll see if little Roo even takes a paci!  I hope she will...  :)

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  1. I love your thought process at the top. You and James are such examples of how to use wisdom in raising your children to give them the best shot at abundant life!