Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Glider Recovering

 Before Elijah was born, we bought a glider.  I LOVE having a glider.  Ever since my first babysitting job, I have eagerly awaited the day where I would rock my own babies in a glider.  :)  We bought a neutral colored one, but my colorful side quickly took over and I wanted it to match Elijah's room
 This was before I had done much sewing and I was VERY intimidated at the thought of recovering the cushions, so I passed the job off.  My WONDERFUL Lita (grandma) and mother did an EXCELLENT job making very professional-looking covers for the cushions.  They payed attention to little details and really made covers that fit perfectly!  It's been SO fun to use them over the past year and a half, and it's such a fun personal touch that they match the curtains in Elijah's room.
Well, as I started sewing all the bedding for Roo's room, my mother-in-law, Sarah, encouraged me to make the glider match the bedding.  I was super intimidated at the idea and put it off for two months.  I had NO idea how to do this, but as I thought about it I realized there was no way the awesome multi-colored stripes from EZ's room were going to look nice against the lavender/floral/spots in Roo's room.  So, finally, last weekend I did it.  And lo and behold, it was way easier than I had anticipated!  I could never have done it had I not had the ones my mom and Lita made-I literally just copied everything they did and it doesn't look at all quite so professional from up close, but it works great!
A close up of the fabric-it's not just solid purple (booooring!):

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