Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Lamppost

 This last weekend we stayed for several days at a beautiful little cottage in Waco.  It was offered to us as a retreat/getaway area and it was so great to be there!  It was cozy and peaceful and we had a fabulous time!  We took a bunch of pictures around the area-here are some of them!  :)

 This is EZ's "Cheese!" face.  :)

 Learning from Daddy how to play the guitar  :)

 We had  hilarious time using the self timer to take these shots.  We have TONS where we're not in position or Elijah is running away or I'm falling over or James is still running into the frame.  Hysterical!  :)  Here are some of the ones that turned out, though!  :)

 EZ's face may be the only thing that changed between these next two:

 EZ came down with an awful cold-yes, you can see the snot running down his sweet precious face!


  1. I love the snot picture :)

    and I didn't know James played guitar! Let's get him up there on Sunday mornings! :P

  2. those piles of leaves are begging to be jumped in :) - so glad you guys had a refreshing time