Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mayborn Museum

 Even though I was a teacher in Waco, I had NEVER been to the Mayborn Museum (local children's museum) until this last weekend!  I had heard of it and really wanted to go, so we made it a priority during our little family vacation!  We had a great time, and it was fun to see what Elijah enjoyed.  There was a LOT that was over his head, but still plenty that he enjoyed!

Here EZ and Daddy are checking out the huge train table.
Riding the school bus:
 Driving the school bus:
 Driving the car (don't worry, he even had a fake seatbelt we put on after this picture):
 Turtles!  Real, alive, and swimming around!  There were also bunnies, which Elijah loved even more!
 Cardboard cutouts of international people:
 James took this one to show the mirror-we had to try really hard to hide most of our bodies!
 He likes the idea of poking his head out and saying, "Cheese!"
 Too cute!
 Playing the drum:
 EZ and Daddy playing Native American drums:
 Riding the buffalo:
 Mommy's favorite part-walking on the piano!
 He really did like this, and I'm so glad because I thought it was TOO cool!

 Daddy's favorite part-apparently James is more scientifically minded than we realized!  He loved figuring out how to engineer the water table.  I learned a lot during this room, actually.  :)
 Elijah had a hard time driving his little car, but thought it was cool to try.
 Elijah's favorite part was putting postcards in the little mailbox!
 Plastic insects!
We had a super fun time and are glad we went!  Turns out a friend could have gotten us in for free...oops!  :)

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  1. I can't believe you had ever been! We LOVE the Mayborn! (and fyi we also have a pass that can get you in for free if you ever need it :) ). SO glad you guys had fun