Monday, January 9, 2012


So we like to keep our babies' names secrets until they're born.  We did it with Elijah and are glad we did, it was fun and it all worked out great!  So we're doing it again with Roo.  This is fine with most people, but there are those who (so they say) suffer great pain and emotional trauma because of our decision.  The above photo is a scan of the first page of a 6 page document James' mom delivered to us on Christmas Eve.  She's hilarious!  She got hundreds of names, many of them perfect strangers, to sign this document!  Though there were those brave souls who refused, defending our choice to withhold the name!  :)  And no, we're still not telling.  And I asked, alopecia is when all your hair falls out.
:) :) :)


  1. hahah, this is epic. I think Grandma earned the middle name secret. She worked hard for that, at least give her one letter. Wouldn't want Roo to have a bald grandma!

  2. this is HILARIOUS!! How awesome! Made me laugh :)