Friday, January 27, 2012


While in Waco two weeks ago for our little vacation, I was SUPER excited about taking Elijah to the zoo!  We used to go when he was tiny, but now that he's old enough to recognize animals and do all the animal sounds, I just knew he was going to love it.  I was thrilled!  We actually ended up getting to go for FREE because God is just so kind to us-someone randomly offered us 2 free day passes to the zoo and it worked out perfectly!  Then, not only did we get to go, but our good friends the Balches met us there.  We hadn't made plans to see them because baby Balch #3 was due to arrive any day (now she's here!!!) but since she hadn't come yet, the whole family got to come with us!  We also ran into several other friends while we were there and it was such a treat!
Here are some snapshots of our trip. 

The otters were uber friendly-it was awesome!

It was so sweet to see him recognizing different animals and seeing them in real life!  What a great learning experience!

Hehe...he understands this concept now and thought it was great fun to stick his head in the right space.  We can't keep his hands out of the pictures...

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  1. Love it!

    Would love it even more if you could come see us, and we could visit our zoo together! :)