Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Brother

 Here a few ways Elijah has been preparing to become a big brother:

He tested the infant car seat to make sure it was still comfortable.
He made sure we had baby powder.
Roo just got her first stuffed animal in the mail from her Great-Grandma Thompson.  Elijah put the bear right into his highchair.
 When I got our the camera, he gave the bear a hug and posed.  UNPROMPTED!!!  What a hilarious son we have!!!
 He designed a superhero costume.  I sorted through his closet, where clothes he's outgrown or hasn't grown into have been...less than organized.  I found these bigger bibs with pockets to catch food that drops, and he thinks they're the coolest!  He likes to wear all three at once.  So...he has a cape!
 Here's the back view.  :)
 He's going to be a great big brother, because he's already such a great kid!

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