Sunday, February 12, 2012

Books: The Bad List

So I've considered this post for a while now.  I've hesitated, because honestly it's a little more negative/critical than I like to be.'s what's really on my heart.

So here's the deal.  Elijah has a couple of books.  That.  I.  HATE.

"Why?" you may ask, "What have they ever done to you?  They're children's books.  How bad can they be?"

I'm so glad you asked.  I've been dying to tell you.  Please forgive me for my strong opinions.  I've read a LOT of children's books in my day, and I love to read.  That's what qualifies me to have these opinions.  :)

So there are three in particular.  I think I may throw them away, actually.  In order from just weird to rather terrifying to just plain WHAT IN THE WORLD:

1)  My World by Margaret Wise Brown
 I know, I know.  Goodnight Moon is a classic.  I agree.  But this "companion to Goodnight Moon" is just strange.  Here is some of the text, "My dog.  Daddy's dog.  Daddy's dog once caught a frog.  My spoon.  Daddy's spoon.  The moon belongs to the man in the moon...Your world.  My world.  I can swing right over the world.  My tree.  The bird's tree.  How many stripes on a bumble bee?"
It's just so strange.  So all over the place.  I understand that kids talk like that, but I'm just not sure it's really literature.  This book has a rather dream-like quality to it.  I am just not a fan.

2)  What was I Scared of? by Dr. Seuss

For an older kid, this would probably be fine.  But I'm reading it to my one year old, and I think I'm just going to pitch it.  Basically the whole plot is about this little guy who keeps getting scared by a pair of disembodied pants that are following him around in the dark.  CREEPY!  As if kids don't have enough to be scared of?!  Of course, at the end, the pants are scared of him, too, and they end up being friends and living happily ever after.  But it's just an eerie book and there's no redeeming quality-I shouldn't be reading it to my toddler!  Although my mother in law is very creative and once "read" it to Elijah all about the Holy Spirit being with us everywhere we go.  Kudos to Sarah!!  :)

 3) Where's My Hug? by Amy Hest

This one has always irritated me.  Not because it's a bad book, really, but because of the title.  The book is about a little bear who starts coughing when his mom puts him to bed.  She gives him medicine and they watch the snow outside the window until they both fall asleep.  NEVER is there anything about a hug!  Why would you name a book that when it has nothing to do with the story?  The original title was Don't You Feel Well, Sam?  At least that makes a little more sense.  It's not a very interesting or cute story, anyway, but the title thing just drives me crazy!

So there's my ranting.  Are there any children's books you can't stand?


  1. I agree Goodnight Moon is a classic and we hadn't read the sequel - we will pass :). But in the original Goodnight Moon there is a line where it doesn't rhyme like the rest of the book and it just repeats itself and it drives me crazy!! I actually also just read a book to my girls and was thinking "what?!" then I read your post - what was another rhyming issue. Now I know they don't have to rhyme but if the rest of the book does the whole thing should I think. Anyway it was written for again and rain to rhyme :). I actually wondered if it was written by someone not from America for American children so they knew our crazy language but not it's crazy words with the same ending that don't rhyme. Sorry long reply just joining in the rant :)

    thankful for the books we own that are good and thankful for a fellow Mom who loves to read ;)

  2. So I was at the library this week and saw book #3 on your list, and I just had to check it out so I could see the absurdity for myself. It is definitely a weird title and even the story is odd and meandering. Also, I've been irritated lately with these books that tell stories of a family and there is often no father in the picture. Anyways, that's another tangent. ;)

    Oh, one other thing - In Goodnight Moon, have you ever noticed that the ballon disappears for several of the middle pages? In ours, it is there in the first couple of views of the room, and then it is gone until the last page or two! Weird.