Monday, February 27, 2012

Hot Shots Soccer (Pt 1)

 Elijah had his first day of Hot Shots Soccer this week!  It's ADORABLE!  Basically this is a great chance for him to get to play with other kids his age and build some listening/following directions skills.  It's VERY parent interactive, it's definitely not a soccer TEAM, but just soccer playing and "drills" and such.  It's precious and Elijah loved it!

Here they were sitting on the ball.  Later he did this at home-it's cute to see what he remembers!
 Basically James went around with him and just kept encouraging him to kick the ball into the goal.  Elijah loved doing it!  James held Elijah's hands so he'd kick the ball-otherwise he kept wanting to pick it up and throw it!  :)

 Playing before the class started.
 Practicing a real soccer drill!  They'd put one foot on the ball, then switch.  Again-adorable!

 At the end of the class, they each got a soccer ball patch to put on a shirt.  We may have lost ours in the car somewhere...
 This is what we got when we asked him to smile!!!  :)
Videos to come!  :)

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