Saturday, February 4, 2012

Noisy Kisses

For a while now, Elijah gives silent kisses.  He pressed his sweet little lips against our cheek, and that's a kiss.  Yesterday, we were trying to teach him to make the "mwaaaah!" noise when he kissed us.  At first, it seemed to be working.  I would ask for a noisy kiss, and Elijah would press his lips to my cheek and say, "mmmm!"  Later in the day, though, I asked again for a noisy kiss, and boy, was I surprised!  Elijah pressed his lips to my cheek and then, with his mouth right by my ear, shrieked at full volume!  :)

When we use things like the blender, drill, vacuum cleaner, etc, we warn Elijah that there will be a loud noise, and he has started making his own loud noise (screaming!) when we use these appliances.  Little did we expect him to transfer that to the idea of a noisy kiss!  James and I thought it was hilarious and kept asking for noisy kisses.  Consistently, every time he presses his lips to our cheek and then screams!  :)

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  1. I love this! I giggled through reading the entire post. Too funny! Also, that's a nice shirt he's sporting there! :)