Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 Yesterday evening, we planted my new herb garden!  I don't know if they will grow, though the package says they're guaranteed to grow...they're going to live in my kitchen windowsill and maybe maybe we'll actually be able to eat homegrown basil and cilantro and rosemary, etc.  I thought it'd be super fun to let Elijah help, so we got ourselves all situated outside and took lots of pictures!  They were all so precious, so here are a TON of them!

 What a good helper!  Pouring the soil into the pots...

 ...or close to them...
 Adding the seeds...
 Covering the seeds with more soil...
 The next pot...

 He got a lot of dirt on himself.  He was a little concerned about it.  "Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh!"
 Daddy let him put the seeds in himself.  He loved it and did one at a time...which took a while.

 Then (you were waiting for this, weren't you?) he tasted some seeds.

 Precious little hands.

 We heard a train.

 He tasted another few.  You can see two seeds hanging off the tip of his tongue if you look closely.
 So proud of the finished product!
 This means "I'm hiding inside myself and not responding to you."  Usually it comes out in big groups of people.
 "My hands are dirty..."
 "See?  I'll show you!"

 "Look what I did!"

 This is his cheese face.  :)

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