Thursday, February 23, 2012

Summer Fun (in February)

 Yesterday's high was 77 degrees.  In February.

When Elijah got up from his nap, he reached for this packet on his bookshelf of those sponge capsules that you put in water and they grow into a shape.  Somebody gave them to him forever ago because they're trains, but we hadn't done them because he was so little.  I figured-why not now?  It's SO warm outside I filled a big bowl with water and let him at it on the back porch.

He enjoyed throwing the capsules in but when he reached back for them, they were sticky (the capsule part dissolving).  It confused him!

 After he tired of the sponge trains, I got him a cup and a bowl from inside to play with.  He LOVED this, which was funny to me since he basically does this every time he takes a bath.  But oh well!  :)

 He accidentally splashed Jewel, and then realized it was a super fun idea.  After that, he didn't try to keep the water in the bowl, but he had a great time!

 Here he's throwing the water as high as he can and squealing!  :)
I also brought him a big plastic slotted spoon to stir the water with.  He thought this was hilarious and kept trying to "eat" water off the spoon.  I didn't take a picture of that-oops!

He was pretty soaked when we finished, but it was no biggie-just went in and changed clothes!  :)

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