Saturday, February 25, 2012

Treasured Moments

 Some photos of some fun moments around here lately:

Elijah has discovered piggy back rides.  He asks for it a lot, and his pregnant momma does not always say yes.  When Daddy's around, she offers a ride on Daddy instead!  Not sure how Daddy feels about it, but Elijah loves it!

I pulled down all of the books that had been on a higher shelf, and even though we've read most of them before, I think it all felt new to Elijah, and he's spent lots of time in the last week just sitting reading all of his books.  I love how much he loves this, so I've since squirreled away half of his books to hide in the closet and then plan to swap them out every few weeks or something.  That way they'll feel new again and he'll be constantly entertained!  :)  And less messy...

 This frog chair was a part of my kindergarten classroom back in the day, and Elijah found it as we were cleaning out the guest room/soon to be baby's room.  He loves sitting it it and it's too adorable to see!
 Our DVD player quit (I got it before starting's at least 11 years old!), and I wanted to let Elijah watch a movie while I made dinner.  I can't leave him in the living room with the computer within reach because while he often chooses to obey, it's just asking for trouble.  So I put it on the kitchen counter, and set him up with the frog chair and his cool new cube toy for a footrest.  He didn't actually sit this way for long, but I thought it was great!

 Valentine's Day!!!  James and I went out for dinner the weekend before (for free!  Yay gift cards!) but on actual Valentine's Day I made this yummy heart-shaped healthy(ish) sugar cookie fruit pizza and we had sparkling cider (not so healthy) and spent some great time together!  We had an awesome time and I absolutely adore my husband!  I am SO thankful for SO MANY reasons to be married to such an incredible guy!
 The other night I opened the fridge to find a sweet little reminder of our helper boy.
 See the gatorade container on the bottom?  It's empty and waiting to be recycled.  Elijah took it off the counter and put it back in the fridge for me.  Cutie!

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