Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dumpster Dive Chairs

Last week on our way home from lifegroup, we found 4 upholstered chairs sitting on the curb ready for trash day.  We struggled to fit them into our car, but we did it!  We weren't sure about their future, and it turns out we're only keeping one, putting the other 3 back out on the curb, but here's the before and after story!
These are the chairs.  The picture doesn't do them justice-they are DIRTY and covered 100% in this fabric.

 We ripped the fabric off the legs and James sanded and painted them (did I mention he's incredible?).

 I sewed a cover for the back, basically like a big pillowcase.  This was way easier than I'd anticipated, because the fabric was striped-it was SO helpful for sewing it straight!  :)

 I used my staple gun (one of my favorite birthday presents EVER!) to cover the seat cushion.

 Here's the final product!

 This is going into Elijah's room when we pull the glider out for Roo.  I made a new cover for it to match her room, but we were thinking it would still be nice to have a chair in his room for reading books, our bedtime routine, etc.  So this was a perfect find!  It's nice and comfortable!!!

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  1. Look at you Little Miss DIY-er!! Love it! (Marybeth)